Journal of Innovation and Social Science Research (JISSR)
  • Editor-in-Chief : Dr. Faraja Igira (The Institute of Finance Management, Tanzania)
  • Established : 2018
  • EISSN : 2591- 6890


Journal of Innovation and Social Science Research (JISSR) is an annual publication of the Institute of Finance Management (IFM) that publishes original articles and review articles in areas of education, law, political sciences, computational sciences, sociology, human resources management, linguistic and mathematics. All papers published by the journal are subject to a minimum of double blind review.

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Editor(s)-in-Chief Biography

Dr. Faraja Igira holds a PhD in Information Systems and Msc in Information Systems both from the University of Oslo (Norway), and an Advanced Diploma in Computer Science from the Institute of Finance Management (Tanzania). She is currently a Senior Lecturer and the Dean of the Faculty of Computing, Information Systems and Mathematics at the Institute of Finance Management. Faraja’s research expertise and interests is on designing and implementing technologies in the workplace, with particular emphasis on work practices, organizational culture human-computer interaction and participatory design. She has been actively involved in studying, designing and implementing the health information systems in Tanzania mainland, Zanzibar and Mozambique. In her research Faraja uses Participatory Design, Qualitative Methods and Ethnographic data to explore dynamics in work practices and organizational culture and how they shape and are shaped by the design and implementation of information and communication technologies. Faraja has over fifteen years of teaching and research experience in which she uses systems-thinking and participatory approaches to enhance mutual learning outcomes. Her long-term goal is to focus more on creating new knowledge and practice that will help the provision of inclusive and equitable quality education in science, technology and innovation (STI) in sub-Saharan Africa and developing countries at large.

Editorial Board

  • Dr. Grace Kazoba ,Institute of Finance Management ,Tanzania
  • Dr. Yustin Bangi ,Institute of Finance Management ,Tanzania
  • Dr. Rebecca Majinge ,Institute of Finance Management ,Tanzania
  • Prof. Ravinder Rena ,North West University
  • Prof. Archana Shrivastava ,Birla Institute of Management Technology
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Editor-in-chief : Dr. Faraja Igira
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