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General Guidelines
Authors must be registered so as to submit papers. To get registered, you must visit the journal you want submit your paper. Go to register and fill all required details before you click sign up. If you are successfully registered, the system will prompt you to login by using the credentials you filled in the registration page. In your first successfully login, you will be required to fill some details about you so as to finalize your registration then you can proceed with other stuffs.
Getting access to more than one journal
By default, authors are registered and can have access to only one journal. If authors want to submit papers to other journals hosted by us, they must link their accounts to those journals. Follow this procedure to if you want to have access to more than one journal. (Note, This is for authors who already registered to any journal). Visit the journal in which you want to submit your paper, then go to register. On top of registration form you will see the instructions which tells you what to do if you are registered to any journal hosted by us. You can have different password for each journal you want to be linked to.
Authors can access any journal as long as they are registered or linked to it. If you want to login to specific journal, visit the journal page, go to Login (Login as author) then enter your login credentials. (Note, In case you linked your account to more than one journal, you might have different password for each journal so make sure you use the right password).
Password Recovery
In case you forgot your password, visit a specific journal page, then go to Login as author. Click Forgot Password and Enter the email address you used in that journal before clicking Next. You will receive the password recovery link in your email address if you are valid user. The password recovery link will take you to password reset page where you will be able to reset a password.
All inquiries related to this journal should be directed to editor-in-chief of this journal.
Editor-in-chief : Dr. Kadida Mashaushi
Email : jfbs@ifm.ac.tz
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