An Assessment of the Impact of the Technology in Marketing Operations of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) In Africa: A Case of Tanzania
Lucy Mary Mboma* (University of Dar es Salaam)
Download Article | Published On 01/07/2005


Science is key to development process of humankind where technology is based. Technology has a significant impact on economy so it is to marketing performance, development and maintenance as it guides and supports basic, intermediate and service industries. Industries, technology produces industrial commodities, consumer goods and services whose role in marketing operation is directed to products, communication of prices, distribution and promotion processes. In the case of services, it positions perception of service quality, image, convenient shopping, and handling of transactions. Technology is embedded in equipment, machines and facilities such that is applied in areas of business operations including production, material handling material processing, transportation distribution, communications, systems and procedures. Devices increase production capacity thereby; maintaining reliable as well as consistent methods and procedures of conducting marketing processes. Marketing technology in use is categorized as being manual, automated and electronic. They facilitate key marketing strategic factors or processes-the product, price, distribution and promotion, people, physical aspects and process information. Although there are limited studies in the topical area, it is observed that technological applications of marketing operations are more pronounced in developed countries than it is the case of Africa, including Tanzanian small and medium (SME) business firms. The majority of Tanzanian SMEs use manually operated technology of traditional nature, recycled or improvised facilities, to enhance production of goods and services that contributes to poor marketing and low business performance in terms of output low quality and high cost products' leading to high prices. Electronic technology (e-commerce IS new and limited in use) but getting more applied in marketing communications. Multimedia technology as contributed m the production of posters, which have decorated cities and other towns of Tanzania There is a limited application of technology due to lack of capital, in-built attitude towards the use of cheap as well as risky technology and low skilled labor as operators in the SME’s.There is weak supportive infrastructure including limited imported machines, electrical and communication devices. There is lack of exposure, services to maintain available technology and production of non-standardized as well as low quality of products. The paper concludes by urging business owners to include technology as a strategic component in their business plans and streamline it all over operations in order to revolutionize as well as enable growth of small businesses through workable marketing technology


Technology for marketing operations; manual, automated and electronic

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