Micro financial Institutions (MFIS) and Savings Mobilization Services for the Poor in Tanzania
E. I. Temba*
Download Article | Published On 01/07/2004


poor households save in various forms for various purposes.Although empirical evidence suggest that the poor would deposit if appropriate financial institutions and savings facilities were available, litle progress has been made to establish micro Financial Institutions (MFIs) as full-fledged financial intermediaries.MFIs offer only credit and savings mobilization remmains the forgotten half of micro-finance. Qualitative research design using case study approach was used.It was generally observed that , low income business owners are not so poor as suggested in the vicious cycle of low income , low savings and low investment because they demonstrated their ability to save.It is recommended that formal and informal financial services be created so that they can identify needs and opportunites for establishing avings mobilization services for the poor. This paper is organized into five sections, section one deals with theoretical aspects of savings and savings mobilization while section two deals with literature review.Section three deals with the research problem and study methodology while section four presents the findings and section five presents conclusions and recommendations.

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