Contextual Innovation, Growth and Income In Garment Macro Businesses: Limitations from Questionnaire-Based Data
Josephat Stephen Ltika* (Senior Lecturer, Mzumbe University)
Download Article | Published On 01/07/2004


This paper explores the link between contextual innovations, business growth me for garment micro-business based on survey data collected from Dar es Salaam Morogoro,Iringa and Mbeya Regions.the survey (on which the paper is based 2 ) intended to find out the role of information in the promotion of micro- businesses in the carpentry and garment sub sectors. The research was Important because some studies (Rogers,1995 Kibera, 1997) show that availability of information could explain why urban-based micro enterprises perform better, than semi-urban and rural ones, which suggests that purposeful interventions in the supply of information could promote micro-enterprises The purpose of this paper is to refocus on the limitations of linking contextual innovation with growth and income of micro-businesses involved in the garment sub sector. Knowledge on the link between innovation growth and income is useful for indicating areas of innovation in micro-enterprises that can provide better push in business growth and income necessary for poverty alleviation. The findings suggest that there are many dimensions of innovations and factors that determine business growth and income. It becomes even more problematic to measure growth or income.

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