Globalisation Drivers in the Twenty Fisrt Century
S Ramakrisna* (Professor, IIFT, New,Delhi, India )
Download Article | Published On 01/07/2002


For a global manager it is said that twenty first century offers an exciting and challenging atmosphere to work. Does it mean a big change in the way the business have been conducted so far or simply means a change in emphasis on cenain ways. These currently, are some of the issues which are currently engaging the attention of economists, trade pundits and students of international business in general. So far, every manager has been used to work in a particular way. It was OK in a not so dynamic world of the past. But in a constantly changing world of to-day, where past is r placed by dynamic present and the dynamic present is being replaced by more challenging future, the old ways of thinking and action plans are no longer suitable to the present day. So, one has got to be extra alert and sensitive to the realities of an increasingly globalised world. All this means a bit of uncenainty and unpredictable nature of the furure.

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