The Role of Association of Cameroon Accountants (ONECCA) as a Regulatiory Body for the Accounting
Visemih William Muffe (University of Buea, Fako Division, Cameroon )
Download Article | Published On 01/07/2002


This paper focuses on the role of the association of Cameroon Accountants (ONECCA) as a regulatory bvody for the accounting profession in cameroon.The data collected have been used to carefully assess the effectiveness of the accounting institutions as a regulatory body.the data reveals the extent to which effective regularoty structures are essential to the growth of the profession and the develpment of the country.There is a clear need for a regulatrory freamework in the Accouunting Profession which should be set up by umbrella body i.e the association of Cameroon accountants (ONECCA) The introduction gives a general background of this paper with an eventual focus on the theoretical framework and a review of the rellevant literature.These are followed by emperical evidence that has been carefully analysed and presented in this work.Data for the analysis was collected through the use of questionnnaire , personal interview and observation.The findings indicate that ONECCA is doing its best in regulating and controlling the accounting Profession in Cameroon.The research findings therefore recommend that ONECCA should set up an examination body to serve the needs of the accounting profession, which is a poorly populated and represented profession in Cameroon.

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