Export Marketing Strategies: A Global Communication Emphasis
Elisante Ole Gabriel (Department of Graduate Studies, The Institute of Finance Management )
Download Article | Published On 01/07/2002


This paper will give a general overview of what is meant by globalization as well as & factors encouraging the globalization concept. Communication as a social phenomenon at the global dimension will be briefly discussed. More specifically the paper will address the issue of Export Marketing strategies, their weaknesses and strengths. Globalisation is considered to be a concept of taking the whole world as one huge market with homogeneous needs. Depending on the knowledge of the exporter, this can be useful but ifnot handled with care can be misleading. In the real world it might be difficult to get the homogeneous needs of customers across the world. People are different and the differences are dilfaenL The key success factor is for the exporter to have a proper knowledge of the alternative export strategies and make a strategic sttategy choice". The worst scenario is to choose not to choose. Companies and/or individuals who are dealing wirh export transactions have to identify and understand their Export objectives before working our the export strategies. It is the rule of the game that successful strategies ought to succeed the intended objectives. It is also becoming increasingly important for exporters to communicate the value they are exporting to their customers. This communication should command the social global aspects. If the social aspects are ignored in communicating the values, the business is destined to fail. The question will not be whether it will fail or not but just when it is going to fail. Therefore Exporters are encouraged not to be myopic in managing the export business. They should see 'beyond the wall and go where no man has ever gone before.

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