The Role of Human Capabilities in Economic Development
H. K. R. Aman, Tausi Mbaga-Kida
Download Article | Published On 01/07/2001


High level of human capability are important in any meaningful development. In Tanzania the level of poverty is still very pervasive, due to low levels of human capability that is accelerated by among other things gender inequality, low levels of education, low survival rates and life expectancy due to poor health conditions, as well as the impact of HIV/AIDS. A broad range of policy measures is needed to improve every human capability in respect, but mostly in the areas of equal opportunities an .education. It is envisaged that Tanzania's Development Agenda must be people-centered. The recognition of, and adherence to, human rights as accepted globally should be the backbone of people-centered development. Human rights include all those elements essential for human survival: physical security, liberty and the development of dignity.

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