Anti-Monopoly Law and Free Market Economy: Policy and Basic Issues
L. X. Mbunda (Senior Lecturer of Law, University of Dar es Salaam )
Download Article | Published On 01/01/2001


The United Republic of Tanzania joined other developed and developing countries in dealing with monopoly problem by enacting the Fair Trade Practices Act of 1994. The gist of the legislation is to encourage competition in the economy by prohibiting restrictive or unfair trade practices controlling monopolies and concentrations of economic power in the newly liberalized economic environment. Although countries may have different political and economic policies as well as different policy considerations, it is generally· agreed that anti-monopoly policy in most countries is aimed at promoting competition. Competition is considered to be the form of industrial organization, which is most likely to yield certain economic benefits. As far as basic issues on this subject are concerned, the controversies anti monopoly law has caused have arisen from differences of opinion on the desired degree of governmental interference in economic life.

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