Adopting Information Technology: A challenge for the public sector in Botswana
Percy Ketsitlile (University of Botswana Faculty of Business : Accounting and Finance Department), Onkutlwile Othata (University of Botswana Faculty of Business : Accounting and Finance Department )
Download Article | Published On 01/07/1998


Much development has taken place in the advancement of Information Technology as a means of enhancing delivery strategies in all sectors of the economies of most developing and developed countries. However, one sector of the economy which appears to be left behind in developing countries in relation to incoporating IT into being an essential part of delivery strategies is the public sector. This paper examines current information gathering and processing strategies utilised by t e public se tor serVIce m Botswana and examines the implications of IT on the delivery of services m the Public sector. The paper also examines the implications of adopting IT in the public sector and ways of creating a sustainable IT infrastructure.

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