Communicating Corporate Culture for Organizational Development
F. A. Mwaijande (IDM Mzumbe)
Download Article | Published On 01/07/1998


The understanding of cultural dimensions in organizational behavior is one approach of looking at specific elements under organizational behavior that could be considered in improving organizational performance. This article looks at corporate culture as an aspect of human life within an organization which has perpetual influence to a better or worse performance of corporations. It is being considered as a dynamic organization behavior which can improve organizational performance. The author puts the leadership role in the creating as well as communicating of desirable corporate cultures to the organization. Strong corporate cultures are most favorably discussed than weak corporate, cultures consistently with the definitions presented. We have also presented indications for strong and weak corporate cultures for the purpose of sensitizing corporate leadership styles which have a role to play in promoting and communicating good organizational behavior for organizational development Persistently the article identifies types of corporate culture, manifestations and advantages of an organization which has articulated strong culture which promotes good employee behavior which in a long run may enhance organizational performance and development. The conceptual framework of corporate culture has been undertaken as a fundamental cognitive dimension that influences the behavioral aspects have greater influence towards organizational performance. The totality of these behavioral aspects have greater influence towards organizational performance .At another level the article suggests that the success of companies depends on the corporate leadership which may be able to create and communicate strong corporate cultures which in turn may necessitate increase in performance and productivity. Finally the article throw a challenge to corporate leaders to see cultural change as inevitable factor which all should be thriving to achieve if at all they want to deliver necessary success to their organizations.

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