The Case for Privatisation
S. V. Chinyoka (University of Dar es Salaam, School of Accounting), B. A. S. Magembe (University of Dar es Salaam, School of Accounting), N. J. Ronan ( University of Dar es Salaam, School of Accounting), J. P. Shilinda (University of Dar es Salaam, School of Accounting)
Download Article | Published On 01/07/1996


The period of the late 1980s and early 1990 has witnessed the business community world over being increasingly concerned with trio aspects of productivity, efficiency and accountability. Discussions about these issues have tendered to cut across both the private as well as the public sector enterprises and, a group of researchers believe that the privatization of enterprises will provide the answers to the issues raised. This paper attempts to analyze concerns of efficiency, productivity and accountability ill a specific African country namely Botswana. In this country the levels of efficiency of three utility parastatals are analyzed by using financial ratio indicators. The recommendations made after utilizing this method point to a wide range of steps that have to be taken to address efficiency of parastatals in Botswana.

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